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SMARTEK Vision d.o.o.

Dobriše Cesarica 5
HR-40000 Cakovec

Tel: +385 (40) 493 - 800
Fax: +385 (40) 493 - 819

Managing Director:
Damir Dolar

Trade register: 
HRB 070059120

HR46399466798 (value added tax identification number)

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Part of a Blue Warehouse series.© Milan Lipowski     29540110     Baby chameleon posing in light tent, macro focused on eyes© Milan Lipowski     29540031     Baby chameleon posing in light tent, macro focused on eyes© mashe     12736924     small Chameleon© styleuneed     40206820     3D Struktur © styleuneed     30191826     Grid background blue black 01© Sebastian Kaulitzki     6109228     digitale code© Denchik     41040852     Globe© Alexey Popov     18748036     Modern earth in a web of satellites© ag visuell     29580398     Globale Welt und Vernetzung© Viktoriya Sukhanova     30900857     Abstract virtual space with screen vector background© braverabbit     21486359     formula one race car© m.arc     7573548     Auge © Joseph Dudash     1002463     normal hand x© tlorna     6343566     blood cells rush through veins© Okea     15189019     blue water splash© Okea     15189019     blue water splash© Thomas Berg     14170122     Abrechnung ärzte© Yegor Korzh     8501128     Colourful background© Dom A     13023729     image sensor© Sergii Shcherbakov     1072976     ccd sensor on a card© industrieblick     31874064     ampoule filling system © electriceye     23876914     Life belt in the water© helix     27884081     Marketing© by-studio     25499024     Schraubenschlüssel© InspirationUpload     14042366     Running Snail© InspirationUpload     14042366     Running Snail© Goss Vitalij     30714828     presse© mirpic     30728854     Zeitungsstapel© Marco Rullkötter     5973803     Blog © Fineas     12822716     FAQ© matttilda     2025698     neuer job?© electriceye     24410923     Gear wheel mechanics closeup© Tryfonov     6827310     electric contact© Alx     17212905     Binary code data flowing on display© slanghof     26633885     Binary code© mhp     6424772     collegeblock© Maxim_Kazmin     10769272     internet tunnel© PixelPower     30703833     Erdbeben in Japan© Achim Baqué     10827818     Tokio bei Nacht© Sebastian Duda     15250747     Puzzle and business man© amelie     790736     grey jigsaw with the last piece upstanding© Patrick Hermans     3206926     internet access, keyboard© Andrea Danti     7923274     Digital touch© Andrea Danti     10706977     Digital interface© kentoh     16200038     Cyber Security Network© AlienForce     3103785     digital processor© Kara  66267664 Autobahnstau 2014© Ralf Gosch 88950990 Rote Ampel, Straßenverkehr © WavebreakmediaMicro    106661066    Portrait of confident handsome businessmen @cybrain #133542144 Network connection, internet communication and computer technology concept
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©petrovk #143057435 copter with box above warehouse 3d rendering
©petrovich #71692913 Eye
@lkeskinen #131649270 Almost sold out rubber stamp
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© #144348262 Dresdener Skyline bei Nacht
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©Vitaliy #81836535 Copter with camera simple icon on white background
©Gorodenkoff #167771493 Multi Ethnic Team of Male and Female Leading Scientists Work on Innovative Robotics Technology. They Work in a Modern Laboratory/ Research Center.
©gizmocat #178122672 Staubsaugerroboter 10
©zapp2photo #176658433 Smart farm agriculture precision technology concept. Silhouette of farmer , automation robot arm machine , uav drone , tractor truck and rice field background. Flare light effect

iStock @monkeybusinessimages iStock-621592072 Frau mit virtuellen Reality-Headset
iStock @kynny iStock-533338934 Automatische Roboter Versammlung Fabrik-Linie
iStock @JurgaR iStock-474504458 Automatische Rasenmäher Gras in einem Garten
iStock @Chesky_W iStock-618455446 Home automation control by smart phone
iStock @PhnolamaiPhoto iStock-641135686 Lieferung Drohne fliegen in Stadt

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